Company Details Foster spare parts for this popular refrigeration manufacturer are easily replaced, especially Foster fridge and freezer door seals. Foster guarantees quality and reliability at highly competitive prices in styles and sizes of refrigeration units to suit all. Foster is at the forefront of new technology, pioneering new standards in temperature control and monitoring, hygiene, efficiency and appearance. Foster Refrigerator units are the most popular brand in the UK today. The Foster range include blast chillers and ice makers as well as coldrooms and water coolers.

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Foster Parts
Pivot Bush - Fosters
Fosters Pivot Bush for GS1351HT Fridge
Upper Hinge Cover - Foster FCF 500LS
Hinge with Spring - Foster FCF 500LS
Lower Hinge Cover - Fosters FCF 500LS
Start Capacitor - Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
Unbraked Castor 40mm - Foster PMC1HFT Chiller
HR400U Hot Gas Evaporator Coil
Coil Block for Foster HR360 Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Foster PRO1/3H Fridge
Compressor - Foster - Fridge - EPROG600L
Compressor - Foster Fridge
Compressor - Foster LR400ADU
Compressor - Foster HR360
Compressor - Foster - Fridge - EPRO1/4H
Compressor - Foster - Fridge - SP201HW
Compressor (CAJ2446Z) - Foster PS1350LT
Compressor - Foster GH1351T Fridge
Compressor - Foster Fridge PRO 1/3H-A SL
Compressor - Foster Fridge CAJ4452A
Compressor - Foster PROG600L-A HE3225
Compressor - Foster PROG 600 L-A
Compressor - Foster GS601HT
Compressor - Foster PROG1350H-A Fridge
Compressor - Foster PROG1350H Fridge
Compressor - Foster
Electrics Set (Complete) CAJ2446Z - Foster
Compressor - Foster DCU3-1M Walk In Chiller
Compressor (R404A) - Foster PROG600L Fridge
Condenser - Foster GH601T Fridge
Condenser Coil - Foster HE3225 Fridge
Condensor coil - Foster PROG600L-A
Condensor - Fosters New Gatronorm Freezer NGL
NGCH 1/3 E Condensor Coil
Condensor Coil for Foster PROS400L/A Freezer
Fan Motor Condensor Fan 198716 Grid Mount 5W
Micro Processor Panel - Foster GSC2/2H
Controller Kit - Foster SP101HW Fridge
Controller Bracket - Foster PROG600H-A
Controller Conversion Kit - Foster HR200 Chiller
LAE Display Unit - Foster PROG1350H-A Fridge
Controller - Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
230v 5w Controller Kit - Foster
Foster Controller LAE 11.1 replaced by 80AT
Controller Remote Display BIT12RU -
Control/Front Display & PSU-TYPE CDE
Premier Model Controller (FPC) -Foster 61100H
Complete Controller Board - Foster Fridge
Controller kit - Foster PMC1HRT Fridge
**Controller - Foster LF28B2S3E-B Horizontal
Temperature controller - Foster GCH4R Freezer
Controller Kit Foster SP301HW Cold Room
Relay Board Controller - Foster GS601HT
Controller - Foster CGH1/3 Under Counter
PCB & Display Controller - Foster BC20 BCF20/10 Fridge
Controller - Foster Blast Chiller FXBC10
Controller - Foster PT162H
Ladder Rack Clip - Fosters FSL800H
Foster Fridge Vapouriser Socket
Curtain Lock - Foster FID40 Ice Machine
Curtain Strip - Foster FID40 Ice Machine
Controller Display - Foster BC51 SD Fridge
Front LCD Display - Foster FSL400L ESPG500L EPREMG600LT
Controller Electronic (LAE) Proline - Foster
PVC White Skirting Corners - Fosters Coldroom
Thermal Break - Foster PRO1/3H-A Fridge
Full Door S/S LH (with Lock) - Foster
LH Top Hinge - Foster Chiller
Hinge Cartridge Top L/H or Bottom R/H - Foster BC-36 Blast
Foster EPRO1/3H Fridge Door & Gasket
Lock & Key - Foster HR150 Fridge
Door - Foster SS G90 Half RI4340 LHT/RHB
Fosters Fridge PROC1/2 Door Key
Thermal Break Trim Kit Foster HR410 Fridge
Right Hand Hinge Kit - Foster EPREMG1350H
Left Hand Hinge Set - Foster - EPREMG1350H
Left hand Hinge Kit (Top & Bottom) - Foster
Door Lock & Key - Foster PSG600H EPROG600 Fridge
Hinge Bush - Foster GCH1/3L(G) Fridge
Foster Lock & Key
Hinge Offset - Fosters Coldroom Door
Edge Mounted Door Hinge for Foster GH20T
Door Hinge Bottom R/H- Foster GCH1/3L(G)
Left hand Hinge Kit (Top & Bottom) - Foster
Hinge For Glass Door Foster Fridge
Lock and Keys - Foster HE3221
Hinge 2850-1013-1110 - Foster Walkin
Door Handle - Prem 1/2 HP
Hinge 481 Polycarb' Grey/Black - Foster Walki
Door Hinge Bottom L/H - Foster GCH1/3L(G)
Foster GH1350H Prog1350H Hinge Cartridge
R/H Hinge - Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
Door Lock - Foster PRO 1/3H-A SL Fridge
Fosters Thermal Break Trim Kit
Hinge Set (LH) - Foster PROG1350H
Hinge Set (RH) - Foster PROG1350H
Bottom R/H Hinge - Foster PRO1/2H Fridge
Top R/H Hinge - Foster PRO1/2H Fridge
Lock, barrel and key - Foster PREMS450L
Thermal break trim - Foster PSG11002 Freezer
Left hand door - Foster PSG11002 Freezer
Hinge - Foster GRL1H-A Fridge
Door Strip (Metal) - Foster - Blast Chiller -
Key - Foster EPROG600L Freezer
Thermal Trim Kit - Foster PRO1/2L Fridge
Bottom LH Door Hinge Foster EPRO1/3H Fridge
Bottom Spring Hinge- Foster EPSG600H Fridge
674mm x 448 Glass Door - Foster
Drain Line Kit (SPx01 Range) - Foster SP101HW
Condensate Tray - Foster - Fridge - PMC4
Evaporator Drip Tray - Fosters PSGS601LT
Drip Tray - Foster - Blast Chiller - BC36
Evaporator Drip Tray (Internal) - Foster HR360 Chiller
Drip Pan/Vaporisor Tray & Heater - Foster BC3
Drip Tray - Foster PRO1/2L Freezer
Evaporator Drip Tray - Foster SP101HW Fridge
Internal drip tray - Foster SP101HW Fridge
Condensate Drip Tray for Fosters FL20 BFF
Foster CSH1350T Drip Tray & Heater
Plastic Drip tray - Foster HR 900
PSU - Fosters EM4ECOMB 4 Door
Data Connection Lead - Foster BC11 Blast Chiller
Main Lead c/w Plug - Foster - Fridge -
****Fosters PROG600M-A Power Supply Unit
3400mm Heater Wire - Foster BC36
Mains lead - Foster EPRO2/3L Fridge
4m Power Cable - Foster EPRO1/4H EPRO1/3H
Door Switch Cable - Foster BCF36 Blast Chiller
Heater Coil / Drain Pan - Foster Coldroom
Defrost Heater Foster GL600ADU Fridge
Drain Defrost heater tape - Fosters CSL1131
Door Heater Foster PREMG600L Freezer
Defrost Heater - Fosters LSCL69/6
Defrost Heater - Fosters CSL1131 ADT
Door frame heater - Foster PREMS450L Fridge
Defrost Heater - Foster COM1H Coldroom
Evaporator Coil - Foster DRP4CP Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Foster BC35
Evaporator - Foster GH1125U
Fosters DRP4CP Evap Drain Pan
Evaporator - Foster HR400U PROG1350H-S
Evaporator Coil - Foster GH1351T CS1350HT
Evaporator - Foster GCH1/3EJ Chiller
Foster HR400U Fridge - Evaporater Coil
Evaporater (heat element) GCH1/2E
Evaporator Cover - Foster FID40 Ice Machine
Evaporator Foster BB210 Fridge
Evaporator Foster PREMG1350L Fridge
Evaporator - Foster HR900U Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Foster HE3225 Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Foster CSH501T Chiller
Evaporator Coil - Foster - Fridge - GSC2/3H
Evaporator Coil - Foster BCF51 Blast Chiller
Evaporator Coil - Foster PRO1-4HA Chiller
Swivel Braked Castor - Foster BC36SL EPRO1/2H
Swivel Unbraked Castor - Foster BC36SL
Foot - Fosters
Condensor Filter EPROG600H Fridge
Condensor Filter Foster PREMG1350H Fridge
3/8 Drier - Foster BCT51 Blast Chiller DN053S
Plug System - Foster PROG600H-A
Capillary Tube -Foster HR400U PROG600H Fridge
Thermal Break Trim Kit - Foster BC51 Blast
Vaporiser Tray Foster FPS3HR Fridge
2-way Door Corner - Foster Coldroom
Capillary - Fosters PROG1350H-A Fridge
20amp Fuse - Foster - Fryer - SP3HC
Fuse Holder - Foster - Fryer - SP3HC
Gasket (Glass Door) - Foster FSL800H Fridge
Drawer Seal Foster GCH1-2 Fridge
Door Seal - Foster CBCF/20/10 Fridge
Door Seal Foster PROB600H Fridge
Balloon Gasket 940x2020mm - Foster
Door Gasket / Seal - Foster EP700H
Door seal - Foster PREMS450L Fridge
2/3 size Drawer Seal - Foster PSCH-1/3E
Cold Room Balloon Fridge Door Seal - Foster
Door Seal - Foster Pro1/4H PRO1/3H Fridge
Door Seal - Foster Prem 1/3H Fridge
Door Seal Foster PS400HU Glass Door Fridge
Door Seal 615x447mm Foster BCF10/5
Drawer Seal - Foster 403.5mm x 180mm Fridge
Door Seal - Foster FSL800H FSL400H Fridge
Door Seal Foster GH20T Fridge Half Size
Door Gasket - Foster Blast Chiller MBC 150
Door Gasket - Foster BC-36 SL Fridge
Fosters HR300 Stainless steel Door Gasket
Door Gasket - Fosters Stainless Steel Fridge
Gasket - Foster FCI20
**Door Gasket - Foster PREM1/3M
Foster fridge magnetic door gasket model
Door Seal 395mm x 290mm - Foster GSC1/3H
Door Gasket - Fosters PS600HT Fridge
Door Gasket Foster model HR135
Door Gasket - Foster CSCH 2-2EJ
Door Gasket 498 x 614mm - Foster Fridge
****Gasket - Foster GCH1/2 Fridge
Thermal Break Trim Kit - Foster LR150
Door Gasket - Foster NHR25U Fridge
Door Gasket (847mmx 556mm) - Foster NHR220U
Door Gasket - Foster BC35 Fridge/freezer
Door Seal - Foster BC20 Blast Chiller
Foster ADPR Door Gasket
Door Seal - Foster Blast Fridge BQC45
Door seal - Foster GH11250 GBM2X Cabinet
Door Gasket (535mm x 510mm)- Fosters HR125V
Door Seal - Foster HR100 Fridge
Door Gasket 760mm x 1810mm Magnetic Type Push
Door Gasket - Foster PROS400L/A Fridge
Fosters Door Gasket 623 x 1541mm
Magnetic Strip - Fosters PROG600MA PROG1350L
Door Gasket - Fosters HR410 Chiller
Door Gasket Fosters PROS400H Fridge
Magnetic Door Gasket 623x747 - Fosters
Fridge Door Gasket For Solid Door - Foster
Door Gasket (1571mm x 611mm) - Foster Fridge
Magnetic Door Gasket - Foster LR150 HR140
Door Seal 410 x 643mm - Foster 9SC1/3 GSC1/3H
Magnetic Rubber Door Seal Foster PROG600H
Door Gasket - Fosters Coldroom
Door Gasket (433mm x 645mm) - Foster Fridge
Door Gasket - Foster BCCFR1 Blast Chiller
Fosters CONT75 Walk In Fridge Gasket
Door Gasket (430mm x 190mm) - Foster GCH13EJ
Door Seal - Foster FPS3GR Bench Fridge
Door Gasket - PMC3 HRT
Door Gasket - Foster
Door Gasket - Foster Walk-in Chiller
Door Seal - Foster - Double Door Fridge - PROG1350H-A
Door Gasket - Foster CCH12E
Magnetic Door Gasket (2015mm x 725mm) -
Magnetic Door Gasket (935mm x 2030mm) -Foster
Fosters Door Gasket HR 150
Door Gasket Retainer Kit FOSTER PREM G1350 H
Drawer Seal 410mm x 185mm - Foster GSS fridge
Drawer seal - Fosters EPRO1/3H Fridge
Door Seal - Foster HR100G Fridge
Door Seal - Foster HR150 Fridge
Door Gasket - Foster HR150 Chiller
Door Seal -Foster HR240 Chiller 550mm x 374mm
Magnetic Gasket 1/2 Door - Foster BC51
Door seal - Foster Cold room
Glass door seal - Foster PROG600H Fridge
Insert - Foster FCF500L Chest Freezer
Lock - Foster FCF500L Chest Freezer
Handle Fascia - Foster GSC1/3H Fridge
Door Handle - Foster Coldroom
Lid Handle - Fosters FCF500LX Chest Freezer
Green Cap to suit Fermod 621/921 Foster
Strike to Suit Fermod 921
Handle 921 inc Internal Release - Foster
Handle K58 Inc Strike&Release - Foster
Handle K56 +Strike&Release - Foster
Inner Release Handle 921 - Foster
Door Handle - Foster PREM1/2H
Lock, Handle & Keys - Foster - Freezer
Evap Heater - Foster GH1125U Fridge
Vaporiser Defrost Heater-Foster PSG6001-A
200w 230v Heater Rod Foster FPS3HR Fridge
Foster Fridge LR400ADU Defrost Heater
Click Wheel - Foster BC36SL Fridge
Control Knob Assembly - Foster BC36 BCF21
Diffuser - Foster Fridge - PROG500H
Lamp - Foster Fridge - PROG500H
Neon Indicator - Fosters NCH45T Freezer
Green Neon Indicator - Fosters
Red Neon Indicator - Fosters
Lock Keep - Fosters FCF 500LS Chest freezer
Switch snap-in Twin Magnet - Foster BCF-36
Door Switch Magnet- Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
Orifice - Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
Condensate Tray Heater - Foster Commando 50
Drain Line Heater 3m Duet - Foster - Freezer
Drain Line Heater 5m - Foster - Freezer
Drier - Foster HR400U Fridge
Plug System - Foster - Fridge - SPL2-ZF
3 metres Clip-on Coving -Foster CL35 Coldroom
Air Baffle Ali Plate Kit Single Top Mount -
Accumulator - Foster HR400U HR900U Fridge
Glass Holder - Frame - Foster FID40 Ice
Pan Mounting (3 Pin)For Food Probe Foster
Thermal Break Trim Kit- Foster FSL400H Fridge
Ferrite Core - Foster
Foster SP301HW Fridge Evaporator Fan Motor
Fan & Element Assembly - Foster GEM601X
Evaporator Fan Motor - Foster BC51 Blast
Motor Fan Blade - Fosters F20A Ice Machine
Condenser fan motor - Foster F20A Ice machine
Evaporator Fan Motor - Foster BC280 Blast
Evaporator Fan Motor Kit - Foster PROG600H
Foster Evaporator Motor Only - No Guard
7 wat Condenser Fan - Foster PROG600H
Fan Guard (315mm) - Foster Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor - Foster Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor - Foster EPRO1-4L EP1/2L
Condensor Fan Motor 18W-240V 198713BB Grid -
Condenser 7wt Fan Motor - Foster HR3810U
Condenser Fan Motor Fosters LR360
Evaporator Fan Motor - Foster BQC75 CBC10
Foster HR110U Evap Fan Motor
Fan Motor 5115NA10-20-200/31-MB
Internal Evaporator Fan Motor - Foster GCH1/3
Evaporator Fan Motor - Foster - Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor - Foster EPRO1/2L
Condensor Fan Motor - Foster EPREMG1350L
Fan Set - Foster KEC25-6L
Fan Motor 5102 Evap 5W - Foster Fridge
Top Fan Motor Assy Foster PREMG 600X
Evap & Cond Fan Motor - Foster LR135S
Evaporator Fan Motor - Foster EP700HL Freezer
Condensor Fan Motor - Foster BC36 Fridge
Evaporator Fan Housing Assembly - Foster
Evaporator Fan Motor - Foster QC11 Blast
Condenser fan motor assy - Foster SP101HW
Condenser Fan Motor - Foster FPS2HR
Evaporator Fan Motor Blade - Foster CBC10
Evap Fan Motor - Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
LH Evaporator Fan Motor - Foster TEC4-5L
Condenser Fan Motor - Foster BC51 Blast
Nylon Washer - Foster PRO1/2H Fridge
Complete Front Panel Assembly (inc, PSU) - Foster
Front Fascia Panel - Foster NCH45T Freezer
PCB Board - Foster - Ice Machine - FMIF220
Main PCB - Foster HR150-A Chiller
Display PCB- Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
Relay Board PCB Only - Foster BC51 Blast
PCB (Electronic Card) - Foster F200 Ice
Shaft Encoder - Foster BC36SL Fridge
Control PCB - Foster SP1HC Chiller
Controller Main PCB/Motherboard - Foster
Switching Power Unit / PCB (PSU-1) Control
Main Controller Display - Foster MBC75 Chiller
Electronic card controller - Foster FID40
Hot Gas/Liquid Line Solenoid Valve - Foster
BC/FT Foot Probe - Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
Evaporator Probe - Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
Air Probe - Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
Air Temperature Probe - Foster CBC10 Blast
Food Probe Holder - Foster BC36 Blast Chiller
Controller Probe - Foster FMSLIM120H
T2 Evap Temperature Probe 1.5m
Probe Evap 2.5m FSW-M0125WRKO - Foster
Evaporator Probe - Foster MCDU 11.1 fridge
**Probe Air 2.5M SN2K25P1 - Foster Fridge
Probe black - Fosters
Defrost probe - Fosters PSGS1351LT
Food Probe - Foster BC35 CT70 Blast Freezer
**Controller H/Temp BIT120B11E+Probe
Air Probe - Foster MCDU 11/1 fridge
T1 Air Temperature Probe 1.5m
**Probe Evap 2.5M SN2K25P2 - Foster Fridge
T1 Air Probe 3.5mm - Foster HE3223 Freezer
Evaporator Air Temperature Probe - Foster
T1 Air Probe 2.5m - Foster PROG1350H-A
Food Probe 5m Cable - Foster BCF51 BC36 BC21 Blast
Plug in Food Probe - Foster - Blast Chiller
Evaporator Probe - Foster EPREM1/3H01 EPREMG600LT Fridge/Freezer
Air Probe - Foster EPREM1/3H01 EPREMG600LT Fridge/Freezer
T2 Evaporator Probe 2.5m - Foster PROG600L-A
Condenser Coil Probe - Foster PREMG1350H
High Pressure Switch - Foster BC51 Blast
Low Pressure Switch - Foster BC51 Blast
Rebo MH50F - Water Pump - Foster FCI60 Ice Machine
Relay 8-pin - Foster GCH2/3EJ Fridge
Relay base - Foster GCH2/3EJ Fridge
30Amp Power Relay Foster BC36 Fridge
Heat Rod 400w w/Klixon 230v - Foster BC51
Pivot Nut - Foster
Shelf Clip - Foster Fridge
Evaporator Fan Guard - Foster CL-35
Fan Guard FG120P - Foster Fridge
Evap Fan Guard - Foster PGCL E287066 76/6
Sensor (Air/Evap Temperature) - Foster
Evaporator Sensor Foster FMF220 ICe Machine
Evaporator Sensor Foster FMF220 ICe Machine
Sensor Wire - Foster Cold Room
Fan Guard (330mm) - Foster Fridge
Shelf Slide - Foster Fridge PF400HU
Shelf - Foster FSL800H Fridge 466mm x 506mm
Ladder Rack - Foster Prem1-3H Fridge
Tray Slide (Fluted) 636mm - Foster EP700HU
Shelf - Foster Chiller
Tray Slide - Foster - Fridge - PREM20DR
Shelf - Foster Slimline 90 LR381 Fridge
Shelf Clip - Fosters Slimline 90 Fridge
Fosters FSL800H ladder Rack
Shelf (Grey) - Foster Chiller QC75
Trayslide - Fosters - PROB600HA
Shelf Support - Foster GH601 ADT/C
Fosters Shelf Rails - Trayslide 479mm
Shelf - Foster Fridge HR400
Shelf - Fosters Gastronome Supra Fridge
Shelf Clip - Fosters Fridge
Shelf - Foster GH601 ADT/C PROG1350L
Fosters Slimline 90 Fridge Shelf
Tray Slide - Foster Xtra XR3H
Tray Slide - Foster PROG1350L PROG1350H
Fosters Fridge Clip on Shelf Bracket
Tray Slide - Foster XR600H Chiller
Stainless Steel Shelf Racking - Foster BC36 Blast Chiller
Solenoid Valve - Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
Fosters PROG600M-A Hot Gas Solenoid Coil
3CVS001 Solenoid Coil - Foster
3VLS001 Solenoid Valve Body - Foster
Solenoid Valve - Foster F20 Ice Machine
RHTOP/LHBTM Door Cartridge (Kason) - Foster PSG 300/300HL-A EPROG1350L
Round On/Off Switch - Foster PT162H
Square On/Off Switch - Foster VR381019 PT128H
Foster DWC150 Water Drink Machine Switch
Door Reed Switch - Foster PROG600L PREMG1350H Freezer
On/off switch - Foster FCF500L Chest freezer
Door Switch - Pre Jan 95 - Foster - GS601LT
Foster HR400 Fridge Door Switch
Switch - Foster Door Switch
On/Off Switch - Foster PS600UT
Main Switch - Foster Freezer PS600LT
Thermal Break - Foster HR360 Chiller
Tap Connector - Foster Water Fountain
Swan Neck Tap - Foster Water Cooler DWC25
Tap Handle Long - Fosters DWC25
Controller - Foster Fridge
Digital Temperature Indicator Foster Fridge
*****Foster Universal Digital Controller
Controller PCB - Foster PREM1/3H01 EPSG500L EPREMG600LT
Controller (LF28B2S3E) - Foster PRO1/2H-A Fridge
Timer - Foster Ice Machine
Timer - Foster Walk-in Freezer
Timer - Foster Walk-in Freezer
NHR25.ADUM Thermostat - Foster Coldroom
Thermostat - Foster DWC22F
Thermostat - Foster KP61 Fridge
Evaporator Thermostat - Foster F60A F40 F85
Bin Thermostat - Foster F60A F20 F40 F85 Ice
Safety Thermostat Fosters 600X Fridge
Evaporator Thermostat - Foster NF20A Ice
Water Valve - Foster Ice Machine
Float Valve - Foster FMIF220 Ice Machine
Schrader Valve - Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
Valve Exp Solder Adaptor - Foster BC51 Blast